Hypnosis is a state of "relaxed concentration", with the body relaxed, and the mind focused. We all experience different forms of hypnosis in everyday life. For example, have you ever driven home without realizing how you got there?

The average person uses about 12% of their brain power. This is referred to as the CONSCIOUS MIND. It is the critical, analytical part of our brain that decides on planning a business meeting, or in deciding which movie to watch. The remaining 88% of our brain power is referred to as the SUBCONCIOUS MIND. It is the part of the brain that automatically controls motor functions of the body. It is also programmable to DESIRED positive suggestion, and through hypnotic techniques, can be used to improve life in many areas.

Hypnosis can help with:

Golf: Improve your golf
Healing the Body.
Building self confidence.
Improving relationships.
Learning to manage stress.

Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Pain Management